Postnord (SEK 0-129) Sent every weekday to all of Sweden - We ship to all of Sweden and the EU. Delivery normally takes place the next day if you order before 14:00.* Free shipping on orders over SEK 400 on all products.

When we have packed your package, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number attached. You can check your tracking on Postnord's website. Keep in mind that some postcodes have different delivery times as the mail is not delivered every day. For example Norrland. Please note that delivery times are given as guidelines only, without taking into account possible delays.

We reserve the right that an item may be sold out even though the website shows that the item is in stock. We make every effort to ensure stock status is correct. -Discounts and sales offers offered to you as a customer before or after purchase are and shall be considered goodwill to give back to you as a customer of Herbmaestro.com. We reserve the right to change, remove or cancel a discount/sale at any time. Herbmaestro.com makes no guarantees on opened products. We cannot sell or reuse products that have been used.

Herbmaestro.com does not provide open purchase on the following products: E-juice liquids, opened packages, liquids, base liquids, nozzles, gums, candies, accessories or similar products that cannot be sold for hygiene reasons. For undelivered shipments, we charge a fee of SEK 200 regardless of the order value, unless otherwise agreed. We are unable to resend shipments that have been returned directly by the carrier. Such shipments are handled by our logistics partner and returned directly to our stock balance. This applies to shipments sent to the customer but not redeemed.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide correct information when ordering so that the forwarder can notify the recipient and deliver the shipment. When the goods have been checked and are back in stock, we will refund the goods minus the above-mentioned fee. If the order value does not exceed SEK 200, we keep the entire amount paid. Any shipping costs paid in connection with the purchase are not included in the order value and are not refunded. The fee is based on the actual cost to us as a company when a customer does not redeem their package. This cost includes round-trip shipping, the carrier's fee for changed handling, our warehouse partner's fee for packing, picking and return handling, as well as our payment provider's transaction fees in connection with purchases and crediting.

When returning a package, the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. When choosing Postnord Commodity Letter, no compensation is provided in the form of a refund or new product if the package is as delivered by Postnord.

Delayed delivery, lost package and compensation. We apply a waiting period of 14 days before the shipment is considered lost and we replace it with a new shipment. If, after leaving the warehouse, the package is more than 14 days late, but is still in the supply chain (i.e. not lost), we will refund the shipping cost (only applies to Sweden). *Sent from us every weekday, however, the post office does not deliver every weekday. Order before 14:00 and we at Herbmaestro guarantee that we will send the package the same weekday.