About Herbmaestro.com If you want to get in touch with us regarding CBD products, send an email to Herbmaestro@hotmail.com with your request and your contact details and we will get back to you shortly. Placing an order Once you have completed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address. The confirmation contains all information about the products, price, billing and delivery address. If there is an error in the order confirmation, please contact us immediately by email to Herbmaestro@hotmail.com. Delivery delays If delivery delays occur (without us notifying you of a longer delivery time), please contact us via e-mail: Herbmaestro@hotmail.com In the case of delivery by "Writing waybill", we as a company take no responsibility for the loss or destruction of goods that have occurred after we hand over the package to Postnord for forwarding. If the customer wants to be insured, this is done through the delivery option "Agent", which takes place by registered letter. We take full responsibility during the entire delivery. For undelivered shipments, we charge a fee of SEK 200 regardless of the order value, unless otherwise agreed. We are not able to forward goods that have been returned directly by the carrier. Such shipments are handled by our logistics partner and returned directly to our stock balance. This applies to shipments sent to the customer but not redeemed. It is the customer's responsibility to provide correct information when ordering so that the forwarder can notify the recipient and deliver the shipment.

When the item has been checked and is back in stock, we will refund the item minus the above-mentioned fee. If the order value does not exceed SEK 200, we keep the entire amount paid. Any shipping costs paid in connection with the purchase are not included in the order value and are not refunded. The fee is based on the actual cost to us as a company when a customer does not redeem their package. This cost includes round-trip shipping, the carrier's fee for changed handling, our warehouse partner's fee for packing, picking and return handling, as well as our payment provider's transaction fees in connection with purchases and crediting. Prices All prices in the store are stated in SEK and all prices include 12 or 25% VAT. We reserve the right to price changes caused by price changes from suppliers, misprints in the price list and inaccuracies in prices due to incorrect information and reserve the right to adjust the price. Right of withdrawal When purchasing goods on the website, you as a customer have a statutory 14-day right of withdrawal that applies from the time you have received a product that you have ordered.

5.1 When you exercise your right of withdrawal: You must notify us of your exercise of the right of withdrawal. The message must be sent to us at Herbmaestro@hotmail.com. Your message must clearly state your name, address, email address, order number and the items being returned.

You must return the products to us immediately and at the latest within the statutory 14 days after the cancellation notice. You are responsible for the return shipping, the delivery and the condition of the products upon return, so the products must be sent well packaged and in their original packaging. From the refund amount, we reserve the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the decrease in value compared to the product's original value in the event of a used or damaged product.

5.2 The right of withdrawal does not apply to: Products that have been sealed for health or hygiene reasons and where the seal has been broken by you. Products that have the nature of a sealed sound or image recording and where the seal has been broken by you. Tailor-made product, which is specially adapted for you or has a clear personal touch according to your wishes. Services that have been completed and where you have expressly consented to the commencement of the service without right of withdrawal. Goods that can quickly deteriorate, e.g. food. Single issues of newspapers or magazines. For more information about the statutory right of withdrawal, see here. Complaints and complaints We check all products before we send them to you. If the item is damaged or shipped incorrectly when it arrives, however, we undertake, in accordance with current consumer protection legislation, to remedy the error free of charge. You must always contact us for approval before returning a defective product. The complaint must be sent immediately after the error has been discovered. If you have received the wrong or too few products, a picture must be taken in the sealed package, so the seal must not be broken for a complaint to be made.

6.1 How to proceed with a complaint Any errors and deficiencies must always be reported to Herbmaestro@hotmail.com, where you state your name, address, e-mail address, order number and a description of the error. If the complaint goes through, we will send you a return QR code that you can use in a store near you, who will print the return label and send the item back. If we are unable to remedy the fault or supply a similar product, we will refund you for the defective product in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. We pay for the return shipping in the case of approved complaints. We receive the product and inspect it to see what the fault is. If we cannot fix the fault, we will replace it with a refund or a new product. If the product is not in stock, you will receive the money back or a product with a similar price. We reserve the right to reject a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. For complaints, we follow guidelines from the General Complaints Board, see arn.se. Limitation of liability We take no responsibility for indirect damages that may arise due to the product. We take no responsibility for delays/errors due to circumstances beyond the company's control (Force Majeure). These circumstances can be, for example, a labor dispute, fire, war, authority decision, reduced or non-existent delivery from a supplier. Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any changes to products/product characteristics that have been changed by the respective supplier and other factors beyond our control. Product Information We reserve the right to any printing errors on this website and the final sale of products. We do not guarantee that the images reflect the exact appearance of the products as some color difference may occur depending on the monitor, photo quality and resolution. We always do our best to expose the products as accurately as possible. Information about cookies According to the Electronic Information Act, visitors to a website for privacy purposes must be informed that cookies are used. The information in the cookie can be used to track a user's browsing. A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit requests to be saved on your computer in order to provide access to various functions. You can set your browser to automatically refuse cookies. More information is available on the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority's website. Personal data By shopping at Herbmaestro.com, you accept our data protection policy and our processing of your personal data. We protect your privacy and do not collect more information than is necessary to process your order. We never sell or forward your data to third parties without a legal basis. Herbmaestro.com is responsible for the processing of personal data that you have provided to us as a customer. Your personal data is processed by us to be able to handle your order and in cases where you have requested newsletters or promotional offers - to be able to adapt the marketing to your individual needs. The information below is a summary of how we store and process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

10.1 What is personal data? Personal data is any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a natural person.

10.2 What information do we store. In order to handle your order and answer questions related to your order (customer service), we store your first and last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and purchase history. Your data is stored as long as we have a legal basis for processing your data, e.g. to fulfill the agreement between us or to fulfill a legal obligation according to e.g. the Accounting Act.

10.3 Legal basis In connection with a purchase, your personal data is processed to fulfill the agreement with you. Marketing, campaigns and similar mailings take place with your consent.

10.4 What information is shared and for what purpose.

10.4.1 Payment provider When making a purchase, information is shared with our payment provider. What is stored is first name, last name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. If you choose to pay by invoice, the social security number is also stored with the payment provider. The data is stored in order to complete the purchase and to protect the parties against fraud. The payment providers (payment services) we use are: Klarna, card payment, swish, invoice, partial payment and bank transfer.

10.4.2 Shipping company In order to deliver your orders and fulfill our agreement, we need to share specific information with the shipping company. What is shared with the shipping company is first name, last name and address information for delivery. Email address and/or mobile number may also be shared with the shipping company for notification purposes.

10.4.3 Newsletter If you have chosen to subscribe to our newsletter, your first name, last name and email address will be shared with our newsletter provider. This is to keep you up to date with information and offers for marketing purposes. We use to send out newsletters.

10.5 Right of access You have the right to receive extracts from all information that we have about you. Extracts are delivered electronically in a readable format.

10.6 Right to rectification You have the right to ask us to update incorrect information or supplement information that is incomplete.

10.7 Right to be forgotten You can request that your data be deleted at any time. There are a few exceptions to the right to erasure, e.g. if they must be retained in order for us to fulfill a legal obligation (e.g. under the Accounting Act).

10.8 Responsible for data protection Herbmaestro.com is responsible for the storage and processing of personal data in the online store and ensures that the rules are followed.

10.9 How we protect your personal data We use industry standards such as SSL/TLS and one-way hash algorithms to securely store, process and communicate sensitive information such as personal data and passwords. We use a Swedish platform, Quickbutik, which is operated by Quickbutik AB based in Helsingborg. Changes to the general terms and conditions We reserve the right to make changes to the general terms and conditions at any time. Changes to the Terms will be posted online on the Website. The changed conditions are considered accepted in connection with orders or visits to the website. Dispute and choice of law In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved by consensus between the company's customer service and the customer, you as a customer can turn to the General Complaints Board, see arn.se. For residents in an EU country other than Sweden, complaints can be submitted online via the European Commission's platform for mediation in disputes, see http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. In the event of a dispute, we follow the decision of ARN or a similar dispute resolution body. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these general terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and legislation.