Information om våra produkter från Hemnia

About Hemnia

"In the beginning, I wanted to help those I care about most. Then I didn't want to keep the good experience to myself. And so Hemnia was born."

Markéta Novák Matějková, founder of Hemnia

I think that like most adults today, I went through a period when the most important thing was to manage a lot. Instead of joy, it inadvertently brought more stress into my life. And stress is reflected in the body, in the quality of sleep, in how often we get sick. I recognized this in myself and later in my own family.

Today I know that change has to come from within - but nature and natural products can be a great support. The active ingredients in plants have been helping people for thousands of years. Cannabis sativa and its products from hemp have an astonishing range of effects. They help people to find their natural centre, to calm down, to find harmony again.

CBD oils and other Hemnia products are our contribution to this harmony. We carefully select high quality natural ingredients and each of our products undergoes rigorous laboratory testing. I believe it is better to nurture balance than to treat the effects of imbalance. But Hemnia can help you with that too.

Our values

♥ Openness and fairness

Hemnia believes in new knowledge. Cannabis is the subject of a number of studies that may reveal new potential for CBD oils and other cannabinoids. We follow and are happy to share and pass on new knowledge, but always provide context and links to more detailed resources.

We do not generalize or exaggerate personal or individual experiences. We play an open game: we only promise what we can concretely substantiate. In short, we are fair.


♥ Quality and responsibility

Our raw materials and final products undergo laboratory tests and our production processes are strictly controlled. We make sure that the information on our products is complete, correct and in accordance with Czech law.

We feel a great responsibility to you who rely on the quality of our products. It is essential for us that you understand Hemnia products and know how to use them correctly and safely.


♥ Humanity and care

Hemnia is a family. A team of people who know and trust each other. Mutual support and empathy helps us in our work. We believe that with more attention to the world comes more health and inner balance. So is our approach to you. Our commitment to the customer doesn't end the moment we deliver your order. If you have doubts, questions, or want to share your experiences with CBD oils, gummies, or crystals, we're always here.


♥ Vision and enthusiasm

We are very excited about Hemnia's current portfolio, but our work certainly doesn't stop there! We are studying, testing and working on new products. Our ambassadors and testers are helping to chart the beneficial effects of CBD oils and crystals, and our customers continue to inspire us.

We want to continue to improve the Hemnia brand and expand its possibilities, and we want to be directly involved in research and help develop the potential of natural hemp-based products. We believe that in this way we can help many more people.

♥ Respect and awareness of context

Hemnia is a brand close to nature, from which we draw with great respect. At the same time, thanks to the nature of our products, we can also help people in challenging phases of life. To alleviate or gradually eliminate their difficulties. We believe in taking care of the whole world as carefully as we take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

We see the context of the world. We know that everyone here does not have the same "starting conditions". It is natural for the Hemnia team to support the disadvantaged. That's why, for example, Hemnia product packaging is assembled in a sheltered workshop. We are also planning other social responsibility projects in the future.